RM-Testing Services

Periodic Inspection & Testing

As a registered NICEIC company RM-Testing offer fixed installation tests carried out to BS7671 standards. Depending on your business type, different environments are required to have their premises tested at varying intervals, details of which are shown on our products page. The survey will assess the entire installation with regard to deterioration of circuits and damage to component parts which can often be sustained in everyday use or through wear and tear over time.

NICEIC reports will be supplied with any faults found assessed to degrees of urgency with which they should be addressed. At the lower level these can be purely recommendations for change, with more urgent faults requiring immediate attention. Our electrical engineer will provide guidance throughout the inspection and any defects can be repaired in tandem with the inspection or at a later agreed date to suit your needs.

exit signEmergency Lighting Inspection & Testing
Good housekeeping by yourselves would be for regular visual checks to be carried out weekly to ensure that there are no lamp failures on the system whilst checks for damage or disrepair should be carried out monthly. Any faults should be logged and corrected as soon as possible. A full system inspection and a one hour duration test should be carried out six monthly and a 3 hour duration test annually by a competent person to comply with BS5266. RM-Testing can inspect and test emergency escape lighting systems either in full or in parts quarterly to spread the cost throughout the year.


entertainment license inspection and testing

Entertainment License Inspection & Testing
There is a requirement for an annual test and inspection of the electricity supply and emergency lighting in areas where public entertainment takes place to guarantee public safety. These areas would include the entertainment area itself, all access and egress routes and any welfare facilities which would be utilised. As an approved NICEIC and ECA registered company RMTesting can provide advice on the level of testing required and supply the relevant certification to satisfy the Licensing Department ensuring that IEE regulations are complied with.

Fire Alarm Inspection & Testing
alarm inspectionRM Testing can carry out a formal inspection and test of Fire Alarms in line with the requirements of BS5839. All key components of your alarm system, including, call points, sounders and sensors will be tested for condition and functionality and can be repaired or replaced as required. Full NICEIC certification will be provided on completion.

Portable Appliance Testing
RM-Testing will provide qualified personnel to check and maintain portable appliances to ensure that all electrical equipment is safe and fit for purpose. All appliances will be labeled as checked and a documented test report will be supplied on completion. Testing can be carried out, either in or out of working hours if required or even at our premises if you would prefer to bring items in to us.

Structured Cabling/Fibre Optic Testing
RM-Testing can test and certify new or existing structured cabling or fibre optic systems. Many new and existing buildings already have a cabling infrastructure installed which we can test to ensure they are performing to the standards expected. Most network related problems can be attributed to badly installed or old cabling systems.

Remedial Work
Following the inspection and test RM-Testing can offer a cost effective service to remedy any defects or a list of defects can be provided for you the client to seek a competitive tender from alternative providers.

Electrical Installations
RM-Testing employ fully qualified NICEIC electricians which allow any additional electrical services to be provided.