RM-Communications Services

RM-Communication offer a wide range of services which are tailored to the client’s precise requirements. Below are just a selection of the types of services we offer:

Structured Cabling Systems

patch panel

RM-Communication specialise in the design and installation of structured cabling systems. Structured cabling systems often support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacture. Depending on the application we will specify Cat5e or Cat6 systems which both support (1000BaseT) Gigabit Ethernet, IP based (VOIP) and analogue voice systems, there are however differences. Structured cabling systems are backward compatible so a Cat6 10Gigabit (10GBaseT) system will also support Gigabit, 100Mb and devices still running at 10Mb as well as your analogue, digital and IP (VOIP) telephone systems.  All installations are tested to current standards, with test results supplied to the customer on completion of the installation. In addition to the RMCommunications guarantee a manufacturer’s warranty is issued with all new structured cabling systems.

Fibre Optics

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RM-Communication can design and install a variety of fibre optic solutions. Depending on your application we will specify Multimode OM1, OM2 or OM3 fibres, or Singlemode OS1 or OS2 fibre optics which can run at greater distance.

Moves, Additions, Changes

RM-Communication are frequently asked to make changes to existing infrastructures, which can be the addition of a single network point or a total office remodel. We carry out this type of work with the minimum of disruption working hours to suit the client.


RM-Communication employ fully qualified electricians and often carry out small electrical work if required.

Testing and Certification

RM-Communication can test and certify new or existing structured cabling or fibre optic systems. Many new and existing buildings already have a cabling infrastructure installed which we can test to ensure they are performing to the standards expected. Most network related problems can be attributed to badly installed or old cabling systems.

fibre optic patch panel

Cabinet (rack) Tidying/Upgrade

RMCommunications can design and install rack upgrade and cable management solutions. Existing cabinets or racks can overtime become full and or unmanageable as the structured cabling systems exceed their original design capacity.