HPA CERP Biosafety Units

Air Steril units will kill harmful airebourne and surface viruses including,Rhinovirus and MRSA……….

The new Air Steril MP 20 unit has been thoroughly tested in the laboratories of the Health Protection Agency who have confirmed that their airborne testing demonstrated 98.11% bacteria reduction and 92.17% reduction in the standard viral surrogate after only 5 minutes. Surface testing demonstrated 59.47% contamination reduction after an hour and this is the lowest powered fan unit. The MP20 is designed to operate 24 hours a day in smaller occupied areas. Reginald Maude Ltd tested the unit with the help of our local RSPCA Centre and this is what they had to say:

“We have tested the Biosafety unit for over three months now and it has proved to be an amazing piece of technology as part of our infection control process. It certainly reduced  strong odours associated with the kennels specialist decontamination unit and we felt that its bacteria elimination processes in both the air and on surfaces protects our staff and visitors within the centre. We definitely recommend it, they are not expensive to purchase or install and Reginald Maude Ltd helped us to ensure that it was situated for best effect.”

Julie Cockroft RSPCA Centre Manager

The units are 130mm wide, 100mm high and 435mm long. They are made of anodised Aluminium Solid Extrusion and only need 100 – 220v 25 watts (via 13A switched fused spur). Light weight at 2.4kg with a lamp life of 8000 hours make them one of the best new products on  the market to reduce unpleasant odours and health problems through cross infection.